Media & Commentary

Forum on Selection Methods for State Judges

February 27, 2012

Dallas Lawyers Chapter, 17 March 2009 – Event Audio/Video

Featuring: Wallace Jefferson, Harold F. See, Jr., Dan Morenoff

Is the Election of Judges Good Public Policy?

February 27, 2012

Nashville Lawyers Chapter, 28 April 2008 – Event Audio/Video

Featuring: Harold F. See, Jr. Paul Summers, Woody Woodruff

Proposals to Amend the Judicial Appointment Process

February 27, 2012

St. Louis Lawyers Chapter, 27 April 2007 – Event Audio

Featuring: Douglas Copeland, William G. Eckhardt, William J. Placke, Jo Mannies

Judicial Selection in North Carolina

February 16, 2012

Triangle Lawyers Chapter, 16 February 2012 – Event Audio/Video

Featuring: Brian T. Fitzpatrick, Scott W. Gaylord, Carrie Severino, Robert T. Numbers

The Case Against Indiana’s Methods of Selecting Judges

January 10, 2012

Indianapolis Lawyers Chapter, 10 January 2012 – Event Audio

Featuring: Stephen J. Ware, Brian J. Paul

The Missouri Plan

November 7, 2011

Kansas City Lawyers Chapter, 21 June 2007 – Event Audio

Featuring: Matt Blunt

Debating the Role of the Chief Justice in Judicial Selection

November 7, 2011

St. Louis Lawyers Chapter, 11 March 2008 – Event Audio

Featuring: William Placke, Woody Cozad, Tom Walsh, Randy Scherr, Samuel Hais

Two Perspectives on Missouri’s Non Partisan Court Plan

November 7, 2011

Kansas City Lawyers Chapter, 14 November 2007 – Event Video

Featuring: David Oliver, William Placke

Is The Mississippi Bar Doing Enough to Combat Corruption and to Protect the Honor and Integrity of the Profession?

November 7, 2011

The University Club, 17 January 2008 — Event Audio/Video

Authors: Robert Bailess, Mark Chinn, Merrida Coxwell, Wayne Drinkwater Jr., Adam Kilgore, Scott Newton, Carlton Reeves, Brad Prewitt

Are Judicial Elections a Threat to Judicial Independence?

November 7, 2011

Southeastern Legal Foundation and Georgia Public Policy Foundation, 2 November 2006 — Event Audio

Authors: Harold SeeJay Cook, and Leonard Leo