Indiana Supreme Court
Judicial Selection Method: Missouri Plan
5 Justices
2 year minimum initial terms, 10 year full terms
State High Court & Judicial Nominating Commission Composition & Terms of Judicial Nominating Commission Judicial Selection Process Legal Authority
      • 7 members:
    • 3 lawyers elected by the Indiana state bar in each geographic court of appeals district by bar members in that district
    • 3 non-lawyers appointed by the Governor from each geographic court of appeals district
    • Chief Justice of Supreme Court or his designee is chair

Terms: 3 years (staggered)


  • Commission submits a list of three nominees from which the Governor must choose one.
  • At the end of a Justice’s term, the Justice will be subject to a statewide retention election and will continue for another term if the Justice is retained.

Interim Vacancies

  • A vacancy in a judicial office in the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals shall be filled by the Governor, without regard to political affiliation, from a list of three nominees presented to him by the judicial nominating commission.
  • If the Governor shall fail to make an appointment from the list within sixty days from the day it is presented to him, the appointment shall be made by the Chief Justice or the acting Chief Justice from the same list.

Percentage of Lawyers on the Nominating Commission

Who Selects the Nominating Commissioners?
  • Judicial Election

    Judges are elected by popular vote.
  • Democratic Appointment

    Judges are appointed directly by a democratic body, or appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of some democratic body.