Maine Supreme Judicial Court
Judicial Selection Method: Democratic Appointment (Gubernatorial)
7 Justices
7 year terms
State High Court Judicial Selection Process Legal Authority
Maine Supreme Judicial CourtJoint Standing Committee on the Judiciary General

  • The Governor nominates justices to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.
  • A legislative committee recommends or denies the nominee with a majority vote.
  • The Senate reviews the recommendation or denial and upon review the committee’s position will be final.
  • The Senate may override the committee’s position by vote of two-thirds of those members present and voting.
  • At the end of a Justice’s term, the Justice may continue to hold upon reappointment by the Governor and re-confirmation by the Senate.

Interim Vacancies

  • Vacancies shall be filled by election at the November election after their occurrence. In the meantime, the Governor may fill said vacancies by appointment, and the persons so appointed shall hold their offices until the first day of January next after the election aforesaid.

    Docket Watch

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  • Judicial Election

    Judges are elected by popular vote.
  • Democratic Appointment

    Judges are appointed directly by a democratic body, or appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of some democratic body.